Amex Card

Amex Card

Green, Gold or Platinum, having an American Express credit card, better known as Amex, is synonymous with sophistication and exclusivity. With its image linked immediately to international purchases and benefits in hotels around the world, American Express stands out for reaching a demanding audience and offering differentiated services in foreign territory.

For starters, Amex has a program called Membership Rewards, which rewards customers who use American Express membership cards. Each dollar or equivalent in reais spent on the card, becomes points. And the administrator values ​​freedom of choice. The customer decides when and how he wants to redeem his points among more than 2 thousand rewards. From airline tickets, hotels, restaurants, to services and products.

With income from R $ 1,500.00, it is possible to get an American Express Card through Bradesco. But the much-desired treats are reserved for customers with an income above R $ 10,000, in the higher categories of the Amex card, such as Gold Card and Platinum.

Amex Platinum provides a lifestyle. These are privileges such as extra amenities at luxury hotels and resorts around the world, special discounts, and reservation services for dinners, orders and gift deliveries. All of these services can be contracted without additional charges, as long as the customer pays the total balance of the invoice each month. And Amex Platinum also has the advantage of being a card with no pre-established spending limit.

Amex has partnerships with numerous companies benefiting its customers. Thanks to an agreement with Sem Parar / Via Fácil, responsible for tolls, the customer of the Amex card can have total exemption from the monthly service charge and discount on the system installation fee. This is just one example of the differentials offered, which an Amex Cardholder appreciates so much.

To request your Amex card, simply complete the registration through the Amex website.

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