Aura Credit Card

Aura Credit Card

The Aura credit card is synonymous with promotion. It allows its holder to have access to exclusive discounts in a large number of accredited establishments across the country. For this, the focus of the Aura card is to achieve good partnerships. The operator has a wide range of partner companies that offer promotions in various segments. In addition, Aura cards are also accepted at any establishment associated with the Mastercard banner, extending the advantages of their holders, who can use the card in more than one million establishments.

Most Aura cards are exempt from annual fees. The interest rates for installments, arrears or cash withdrawals are high, which is the case with almost all credit cards.

The Aura card is a complete card. Offers revolving credit (up to 40 days to pay for interest-free purchases), installment payments, possibilities for withdrawals via Internet Banking (although high fees apply) and access to a customer protection program that includes important items such as security, health care, assistance education, unemployment assistance and retirement reserve.

Making an Aura card is easy. The interested party can apply for the card directly at the accredited establishment or through the Cetelem website,

To place an order, simply choose and click on the preference card and fill out a registration form. The website also offers a question and answer section and Customer Service. The Aura phone is also an ally of the customer who can make an aura card or request cancellation. The call center operates at 0800 286 8877 or 4004 7990 in the capitals.

Some Aura / Cetelem credit cards:

Cetelem Credit Card - focused on the relationship with Cetelem customers.
Building materials cards. Include CNR card, Telhanorte, Armazém Coral, Cimfel, Armazém Pará, Tupan.
Supermarket Cards: Giassi, Pedroso, Condor.
Other credit cards for other branches: Armarinhos Fernando, Pneusola, Fast Shop. Kalunga, Submarino, Nivalmix, Jurandir Pires, Digital Payment.
For more information, visit the Cetelem card website -

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