Bank Cards

In order to have more security and comfort, the use of the so-called “plastic money” is encouraged by the banks, since cards make life easier for everyone and avoid cash circulating in stores, reducing the risk of robberies. Thus, the cards used for withdrawals and credit purchases are the best option for everyday life. And there are hundreds of models of debit and credit cards in major banks.

The largest ones such as Itaú, Banco do Brasil, Caixa, Santander and Bradesco, mostly offer credit cards with the Visa and Mastercard flags, the most popular in the market, and also in the Elo, Dinners and American Express flags.

Most banks work with multiple function cards, that is, they can be used in two ways:

Debit - for withdrawals and current account transactions;
Credit for installment purchases.
When deciding on the best card, the ideal is to check the banks' websites, an annual fee that varies between institutions and starts on average at R $ 30.00 per year divided into 6 times, benefits offered by the card and loyalty programs , awards or discounts.

The essential services of the credit card are the same in all banks: deadline of up to 40 days for payment, consultation of the invoice on the institution's website, payment by debit account or boleto, ease of purchase in thousands of establishments in Brazil and abroad , award and loyalty programs.

However, the fierce competition and the need to adapt the cards to the different needs of customers, has led banks to increase the range of offers and add differentials. The consumer wins.

At Itaucard, for example, it is easy to continue using the card even after making some purchases, as the credit limit is reset as installments are paid. Every month the customer receives a detailed invoice with the expenses incurred with the credit card which can also be consulted on the bank's website. Through the internet it is possible to check purchases and know the exact amount of the invoice.

This also happens with the Caixa credit card, Santander credit card, Bradesco credit card and Banco do Brasil credit card. All offer the service of consulting the invoice on websites.

A card also says a lot about the wearer's personality. That is why banks invest in personalized cards in partnership with football clubs, bookstores, dealerships. Banco do Brasil's credit card can even be personalized with a photo, chosen by the customer, and the process is done on the bank's own website. Having a credit card is fun that starts even before shopping.

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