Cancel Card

Cancel Card

Canceling a credit card is not always an easy task. As banks and card administrators have card issuance targets and make a profit from using them, especially with high interest rates and fees, the incentive is always in the sale, never at the end of the contract.

Thus, canceling a card requires a little patience, but it is possible to request the cancellation of the credit card at any time with banks and card companies. The most used cancellation channel is the telephone, through the banks' customer service and companies responsible for cards.

The attendants are instructed not to accept the cancellation when the reason is just the customer's wish and insist on the benefits that will be lost when canceling a credit card. But if that is the client's will, the institution is obliged to accept the request.

In the case of a cloned card, the customer must immediately report the fraud or suspected fraud to the card administrator and request its blocking or cancellation.

It is always good to remember that even cards with installment purchases can be canceled, but this does not settle or extinguish outstanding debts. Thus, the consumer should contact the card issuer and negotiate the best way to settle the pending, so as not to have future negative surprises.

To find out more about how to cancel cards through operators, visit the Card Administrators page to get the phone number and email address of these operators.

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