Cash Credit Card

Cash Credit Card

CAIXA's credit card is one of the most popular on the market. Caixa offers credit cards that fit different customer profiles and meet the various needs of the public, and all income groups. The Caixa card has revolving credit, detailed monthly invoice and several expiration date options. Account holders can opt for the debit / credit card, on the same card, the so-called multiple card. Having a debit card makes it easy to make withdrawals from the self-service network.

The Caixa card is presented in Visa and Mastercard versions. With the credit card, the interested party can make withdrawals and purchase products or services in thousands of accredited establishments in Brazil or abroad. Purchases can be paid in several ways: cash, interest-free installments or up to 24 installments with interest. The form of payment depends on the merchant, with one of the lowest rates on the market for cards. The installments are fixed and posted monthly on the invoice, which allows you to continue using your card. Adherence to this possibility of credit, can be made over the phone, with the CAIXA Cards Service Center.

Caixa offers models in national and international versions, tourist card, university card and cards issued with shared brands. The tourism card, for example, works like a traditional building card, but offers the option of financing in up to 24 months, with a reduced interest rate, for expenses incurred in establishments related to tourism, such as hotels, inns, airlines, restaurants , car rental companies, travel agencies, etc. In addition, the Caixa credit card guarantees travel throughout Brazil and the world. Membership and information can be obtained at or through the CAIXA Cards Service Center.

For the customer's convenience, it is possible to consult and pay the invoice, check purchases, available balance, credit limit, request additional cards, among other services, through CAIXA Internet Banking.

Caixa Econômica Federal also presents the Ponto Caixa Program, a system that brings advantages to those who purchase and use CAIXA Mastercard credit cards, in the International, Gold or Platinum and Visa variants, in the International, Gold, Platinum and Infinite versions. There is no membership fee, just use the card. The more you buy, the more points you earn.

Purchases made in Brazil and abroad with the International, Gold, Platinum and Infinite credit cards can be converted into points to be redeemed and used in the Smiles Program, in the TAM Fidelidade Program, through the Multiplus Fidelidade network and in the Victoria Program. TAP - Transportes Aéreos Portugueses. The consultation and redemption of points can be done at the Customer Service Center. Tracking of points is also possible on CAIXA Internet Banking, internet services, in the cards area, and even on the monthly credit card bill.

Request your Caixa credit card through the website

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