Credit Card without Annual Fee

Credit Card without Annual Fee

Several financial institutions offer customers credit card models with no annual fee. Or the customer who uses the card frequently, can get a full discount of the annuity, negotiating with the bank or the card administrator.

It doesn't really seem reasonable to have to pay an annual fee for the credit card, because in one way or another, everyone involved wins when the consumer chooses to make the purchase with the card. For the merchant, it is synonymous with security, since the administrator wins by charging a fee for the service paid by the shopkeeper. So, there is nothing more fair than trying to be free of the tariff and make a credit card without an annual fee.

Most banks offer multi-purpose cards to the customer. The same card works as a debit / credit. For the debit, the annuity may not be charged, but it exists for the credit.

You have a credit card that does not offer zero annuity, but on the other hand you have good benefit programs. So, it is best to always research. Santander, for example, offers a credit card with no annual fee, Santader Free, an international card that, when the customer uses it, is free of fees and fees forever. Just use the card at least once a month. The Santander Free credit card is found in Visa and Mastercard. It also has an advantage program that turns purchases into bonuses for exchanges for other products. Other banks also have modalities with zero annuity.

Others, such as Banco do Brasil, exempt the annual fee of a card, when the customer has two cards, with different flags. Or they serve consumers exempt from the fee, to retain the customer.

Cards that do not charge annuity are these:

Santander Free - as long as you purchase at least one month using the card.
Hipercard - the annuity is zero even if you don't use it.
Saraiva credit card
Petrobras Visa International
The secret is not to be afraid to ask, especially the cardholder who uses the card a lot. In a conversation with the bank manager or telephone service, the consumer can be emphatic in the request to be exempt from the annuity, since the financial institution, in order not to lose the customer, agrees most of the time.

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