Credit card

Credit card

The use of a credit card is increasingly common in Brazil. It is estimated that there is a growth of 20% per year in the operations carried out with cards in the country in recent years. Due to its practicality, the credit card is an ally of everyday life, but care must be taken not to fall into traps that can disrupt the domestic budget, as it is the line of credit with the highest interest rates on the market. The secret is to use the card with awareness, avoid revolving credit and enjoy the benefits that the bank or operator offer.

Currently, it is possible to make credit everywhere: there are the own credit cards offered by commerce in general, such as department stores, even the traditional credit cards offered by banks to account holders. The difficulty is to know whether it is interesting or not to accept the card offered and to understand the multitude of offers available in the market. How to choose? How many cards do you have? How to organize payments?

Come on. The card is very practical, it allows you to anticipate a wish, be it clothes, a trip, a service and have a longer payment period. But it is good not to have the illusion that you are not spending, because you are. It is a matter of postponing the payment, that is, the person will have to honor the debt made with that purchase in the near future. In most cases, the payment term reaches up to 40 days. The ideal is to prefer to pay the invoice in full and in cash, so as not to generate interest that is normally very high. If the customer chooses to pay the minimum amount of the invoice, it must be remembered that in the following month he will have to pay the difference plus interest. Thus, making the payment in cash of the total amount of the invoice is the best deal. No delays, which also carry high interest rates.

Experts recommend having only one credit card and checking between banks and administrators, which card offers a greater basket of benefits and better adapts to the customer's profile. However, some people like to have two or more cards, to make credit and work with the different expiration dates, take advantage of the promotions offered and have the plastic with different flags.
The main credit card brands are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners. There are also national cards such as Aura, HiperCard, Sorocred, among others, which offer an infinite number of advantage options and loyalty programs, points and prizes. It is best to research the websites of banks and card administrators, negotiate with the manager, and choose the one that best suits your individual or family needs. Also check the annuity rate, if the establishment offers free additional cards, promotions, loyalty program etc.

Many establishments usually send credit cards to consumers without having asked for them. To accept them, it is usually requested that it be unlocked, over the phone, through customer service.

If the person is not interested, they must request their cancellation. Shopping with a credit card is a good alternative to organize your budget. With the detailed monthly invoice, people can check where the biggest expenses are, where it is possible to save, and still earn points, prizes and discounts. The point is not to be deceived by credit, to have more cards than necessary, to control purchases so as not to get your name dirty due to lack of payment, because when the debt is not honored, besides turning into a snowball of interest and fees, the bank may even go to court. Using your credit card wisely is always the best deal.

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