International Card

International Card

He thought of traveling outside Brazil, he thought of an international card. Having one in hand makes life easier abroad. With the international credit card it is possible to make purchases abroad and in Brazil, in thousands of accredited establishments, and still make purchases over the internet on sites in the USA, Europe or other countries in the world. Also take advantage of discounts and accumulate points in loyalty programs to redeem prizes, airline tickets and hotel nights. With the international card the traveler has benefits that guarantee comfort and safety in his national and international trips. In addition to purchases with payment in installments, the card also allows national and international withdrawals.

The Mastercard and Visa flags are the most popular on international cards, easily accepted in stores abroad. When it comes to differential services, the reference in higher category cards is American Express and Dinners. Competition between banks is great, a positive fact for consumers when ordering the card.

For those traveling, the ideal is to have at least two cards, with different flags, in case the commercial establishment does not accept one of them when shopping. And with different expiration dates in the month, so that the consumer will be able to choose which card to use to have a longer payment term for purchases and take advantage of the promotions of the two brands. Some cards in the superior category, guarantee VIP room at the airport, transfers, car insurance, life insurance and medical and dental assistance abroad.

To apply for the international card, the interested party can look for a bank branch or access the websites of financial institutions. The annual fee for international credit cards starts at around R $ 90.00 per year. This amount can be paid in 6 installments. The minimum income to be proven when ordering an international credit card is from R $ 1,000.00 at major banks, and increases according to the sophistication and benefits of each card model. Caixa, BB, Itaú, Bradesco, Santander offer international credit cards with different services and benefits.

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