Mastercard Credit Card

Mastercard Credit Card

There are things that money doesn't buy, for all others there is a Mastercard. With this slogan, Mastercard won over Brazilians and is one of the largest and main card brands in the country and the world.

With the Surprise Program, purchases made with a Mastercard credit card are worth points that can be exchanged for prizes. And there are several options to pay a light two, in shows, trips, gifts, restaurants, etc. The idea of ​​the promotion is that the cardholder surprises someone with an unexpected gift, with the advantage that the second product or service is free. Learn more about the Surprise Program at

Mastercard offers in its portfolio credit, debit and prepaid cards. Two of the main concerns are with the guarantee of acceptance in a wide network of tenants and with the security of transactions. For this reason, the mastercard has a chip, that is, it brings together the same chip technology, magnetic stripe and embossed data on the same card. If the store is not yet equipped with chip technology terminals, the shopkeeper has the option of using the magnetic stripe or embossed data. The CHIP inserted into your card is a real computer, which carries cryptographic security solutions.

You can make a Mastercard credit card in the national and international version, the main cards being: Platinum, Gold, Standard, Eletronic. And the new Paypass, which combines practicality and security and has been tested in some locations.

The Mastercard Platinum card offers quality and exclusive services that serve extremely sophisticated and demanding high-income customers. Some advantages:

Have the convenience to define the best payment methods, with a guarantee of 30 days or more to pay for purchases;
Payment flexibility, facilitating and increasing purchasing capacity, with the possibility of payment in installments;
Security, as the holder does not need to carry cash or check;
24-hour assistance and card replacement in case of emergency;
Card accepted in more than 800 thousand establishments in Brazil and worldwide;
Credit line of at least R $ 10,000;
Local 24-hour Concierge Service - a private assistant ready to serve the customer, from purchasing a gift, to restaurant reservations;
Travel insurance of up to US $ 1 million;
CDW / LDW insurance for car rentals worldwide;
Helps control accounts, as a mastercard invoice or monthly statement consolidates expenses and allows checking of all expenses;
And the differential of exclusive promotions.
For more details, the tip is to consult the financial institution and see what is offered by the bank in the different versions of Mastercard cards and find the one that fits the needs to be met.

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