Points Program

Points Program

Most cards offer points programs, a system that benefits the customer who regularly uses credit and debit cards. The most popular points programs are those of the Mastercard and Visa flags, in national and international card variants. You don't need to pay anything to join these points programs, just purchase and use the card. The more the person uses the card, the more points they earn.

Every transaction made with the card, whether credit or debit, all purchases made in Brazil and abroad are worth points to be redeemed and used in the purchase of other products and services. It is possible to accumulate points and redeem them at partners in the purchase of airline tickets, daily rates at hotels, books, housewares, discounts at dealerships, car rental, magazine subscriptions, furniture, partnerships with the non-stop toll network and much more , as there are a multitude of options available to the consumer. And so, these programs achieve customer loyalty, which starts to want to use credit cards more and more.

Some benefits and services are already linked to the card. There are cards that offer services like plumber and locksmith for emergencies. Those who purchase airfare with the card have access to life insurance. There is also dental and medical assistance in case of emergency, insurance against theft and damage to vehicles rented abroad. And if there is a headache when traveling with lost luggage, cardholders and dependents can receive an amount to replace essential items.

When it comes to the loyalty program on cards, what is most known is the conversion of points into mileage, for the acquisition of airline tickets. It is possible to redeem points for the Smiles program, Tam Fidelidade, Multiple Fidelity network, TAP Victória Program - Transportes Aéreos Portugueses, etc. The rules vary depending on the level of the card, the flag and the bank.

The conversion factor for purchases into points varies according to the type of card. Higher category cards, whose holder has income from R $ 10,000, such as Mastercard Black, Visa Infinite, American Express Platinum Card and Diners, can count each dollar spent or the equivalent in reais, with 2 to 2.5 points . Platinum types from Visa and Mastercard, with income from R $ 5,000, count 1.5 points and Gold types consider 1 point.

Depending on the level of the card, the consumer already leaves with a good number of points when purchasing the card and accumulates more as he purchases. The consultation and redemption of points can be done by the customer service center of the cards. The monitoring of points can also be done over the internet.

A novelty exclusive to cardholders of a higher category are concierge services, a kind of messenger or private secretary. Just call the call center at any time to solve problems like copying a lost key, confirming flights, making restaurant reservations or even sending a gift to a friend. The concierge takes care of whatever is required, does not charge a commission on the work and the value of the product is charged to the card.

Depending on the card, the customer may have access to airport VIP lounges, earn different rates, discounts on hotels and other pleasant surprises. The higher the card category, the greater the exclusive treats signed by the administrator with the partners. American Express, for example, has a partnership with Sem Parar / Via Fácil, from the toll booths, and offers total exemption from monthly fees and discounts on the system installation fee. The Diners Club offers discounts at trendy restaurants and transfers to the airport.

In addition to the points programs and loyalty programs, card administrators also offer discounts on theater, cinema, bonuses, and promotions such as buy one, take two. It is always good to be careful not to miss out on these opportunities.

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