Smiles Card

Smiles Card

Traveling is a dream cherished by almost everyone. And with airline credit cards and mileage programs, that dream is much easier to realize. The most popular is the Smiles program. Purchases are worth points that can be transferred to Gol's Smiles program, and the customer redeems on segments of air travel paid with miles, as a result of accumulated points.

Registration for the Smiles program is free. More than 8 million people are registered in the program. By participating in the Smiles miles program, the customer can earn miles flying through GOL / Varig and the Smiles Program partner airlines:

Air France
American Airlines
Delta Airlines
Travel to all GOL and partner airline destinations using your Smiles miles as a payment method. Earn miles by taking advantage of program partner products and services like credit cards, restaurants, hotels, online stores and more.

The Smiles Credit Card, on the other hand, offers an easy and quick way to travel enjoying all the benefits of the Program. Each US $ 1.00 (or the equivalent in reais) spent on purchases becomes miles. Thus, daily purchases and expenses made with the Smiles credit card can become tickets for GOL, American Airlines, Air France, KLM and Delta Air Lines to travel the world.

The customer can choose the issuing bank and the type of card. Just contact Banco do Brasil or Bradesco Service Centers. And you don't have to be a bank account holder and can still accumulate up to 10,000 miles when purchasing one of the cards.

Other banks, with credit cards with benefit programs, also allow the transfer of points to Smiles. Learn more through the Gol website -

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