Sorocred Credit Card

Sorocred Credit Card

Sorocred is a genuinely Brazilian card manager. With more than 4 million cards issued, it is present throughout the national territory, in accredited establishments. The Sorocred credit card can also be used for purchases at Redecard terminals, in more than one million stores. The Cielo machine is able to capture the transactions of the flag.

Sorocred issues credit cards for individuals and companies, benefit cards (meal, food, insurance and fuel), co-branded and private label cards, in addition to prepaid cards. With the Sorocred Card, the consumer has purchasing power, with up to 40 days to pay. You can check your balance and receive invoice information via free SMS. The card also offers the advantages of cell phone recharge, free additional card, additional limit, no subscription fee, revolving credit and expense and usage control. The customer can also split their purchases up to 18 times without interest, quickly and easily.

Sorocred offers several types of cards. The main ones are:

Sorocred Gold Card
The more the customer uses it, the more credit they have for new purchases. It is a continuous credit limit, according to the use and punctuality of payment. Thus, the more it is used, the more the card limit value increases. It is possible to have more information request a credit analysis by calling Sorocred 0800 55 55 15, which operates 24 hours a day.

Sorocred Plus Card
Facilitates the control of family and dependent expenses. The holder of any Sorocred card can obtain additional cards for whomever he wishes, family members, employees and dependents. And this additional card is called the Sorocred Plus Card. The holder determines how much and where dependents can spend. Thus, he has advance control of expenses. And you still get a breakdown of how much and where each dependent spent on the bill.

Teen Sorocred Card
Intended for young audiences and pleasing parents. Cool, colorful, it is an additional credit card, which parents can request for children aged 8 years and over. It can be used in commercial establishments accredited to Sorocred throughout the country, but always with the supervision of parents, who can previously define the limit and the places where the card can be used.

Pretty Girl Card
Follows Teen's idea, but it's more fashion, made especially for girls. It is also used with parental supervision, with a previously approved limit, and definition of the places where the card can be used.

Sorocred Gift Card
The Gift Card can be requested by the Sorocred Card holder, to the Sorocred Relationship Center, by calling 0800 55 55 15, simply inform the name of the recipient and the amount that will be credited. This amount credited to the card will be debited from the holder's invoice. There the recipient will have up to six months to use the card, in any store accredited to Sorocred in the country.

Information on annuity, fee, request and cancellation are found on the website: or obtained by calling the Sorocred Service Center on 0800-55-5515 or (15) 3224-6555

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