University Credit Card

University Credit Card

Young students, who are just starting out in life, may also have credit cards. The University Credit Card is exclusively for students of the third degree, post-graduate students, master's or doctoral students. With it, the student has a credit limit and up to 40 interest-free days to pay his bills. In addition, the young person can make cash withdrawals throughout Brazil, or abroad, depending on the type of card, and even split the expenses up to 36 times.

Offered by major banks, such as Caixa, Bradesco, Itaú, Santander, BB, among others, exclusive credit cards for university students are found in Visa and Mastercard.

To make your credit card, the student must be over 18 years old, regularly enrolled in public or private higher education institutions, regardless of the course. You can apply for the card from the first semester, and you do not need to prove income. The request can be made over the internet, on the banks' websites, or at bank branches.

The young student can also make an international card. The advantage is the ease of shopping and withdrawals abroad. Some banks offer related services, such as a university account, and loans for courses abroad.

The university credit card bills can be consulted on the internet, in an agile way. And the movements are informed by the SMS service on the cell phone. The way the young man likes it.

The first annual fee in national versions is around 4 installments of 15.00. In international versions, 4 installments of R $ 20.00, depending on the modality and the bank. Some financial institutions offer credit cards with no annual fee, discounts, fees and differentiated rates.

University cards also guarantee discounts on shows, access to exclusive pre-sale tickets and points program - the more the card is used, the more points the youngster accumulates to exchange for rewards.

Not to mention that some banks still allow students to record their photo or the name of the course on their card. Personalize, that's the watchword in the card market.

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