Visa Credit Card

Visa Credit Card

The Visa credit card is the most traditional on the market and is accepted in thousands of establishments in Brazil and abroad. Very useful for day to day shopping and travel, as it has the convenience of the cash withdrawal network in local currency, with more than one million points spread around the world. There is a visa card suitable for each customer and can be issued by several banks. Visa cards have different benefits, insurance, promotions and services, which meet various customer profiles, mainly in international card versions. Check out:

Visa Classic
Visa Classic is Visa's most traditional credit card and the one with the most holders worldwide. It combines convenience of payment with the largest network of affiliated establishments in the world. It is a great way to pay daily expenses, as it is accepted in supermarkets, restaurants, gas stations, clothing stores, among others, in addition to virtual stores, when shopping on the Internet.

Visa Gold
The Visa Gold card was created for a select group of people who want a credit line for higher expenses. If the person travels frequently, Visa Gold is the right card. Through Visa Gold, the customer pays expenses more easily, as he has a larger credit line. In addition to treating the holder as a differentiated customer, Visa Gold provides all the advantages of belonging to the Visa world. It is accepted in more than 29 million commercial establishments in 150 countries and territories and can be used to withdraw in local currency from more than 1 million ATMs accredited to the Visa / Plus network around the planet.

Visa Platinum
The Visa Platinum card was developed for high-income customers with an incomparable range of benefits, insurance and differentiated services. With Visa Platinum, the customer has a personal assistant who will try to attend to all requests, whether in the purchase and delivery of a gift, reservations in theaters, shows and restaurants, among others. Learn more about the Visa Platinum Concierge service. These are extra exclusive services that do not generate additional cost. This card is issued by major banks, such as Bradesco, Itaú, BB, Caixa, among others. Order your Visa Platinum card now.

Visa Infinite
The Visa Infinite card is the most sophisticated Visa card. It has the maximum in the market in services, exclusivity and local and international promotions for customers with very high purchasing power.

In addition to credit cards, Visa also offers prepaid cards and the Visa Electron Card, for purchases with automatic debits from your checking account, much safer for customers who do not need to carry cash.

To answer questions about the card's limit, overdue invoices, annuity, cancellation, undue debit, invoice, limit, or to address any question regarding card maintenance, Visa advises the customer to look for the card-issuing bank. On the website, there is a list of the card issuing banks and the respective call center. For further information, access the website

Visa is also known for its card promotions. The Vai program from Visa Go offers scores for card users. In addition, the Olympics Promotion is valid - those who buy more than R $ 10.00, participate in the draw for the Olympic Games in London and can win prizes of R $ 120,000 per month. Accumulating 6 thousand points in purchases with Visa Infinite or Visa Platinum, the customer gains air tickets to fly in Brazil, among other good opportunities. More details on the website

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